Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today is the day! Our fall / winter collection is officially OUT! We're so excited to share our weird lookbook with you, shot by our super talented pal Anabela Piersol. It's called SPIRIT ANIMALS. 

This season's collection is all about animal and nature inspired prints. Birch bark, snakeskin, leopard prints, pomegranates, seeds, shapes, space, and eyeballs. Check everything out in our shop here! 

Danielle and I had so much fun playing with paper mache for this lookbook.
Fun fact: Danielle is a pro paper mache artist.
Also? We might be addicted to making snakes...
Full collection of lookbook photos here!

Black outfits & black snaps!


We  recruited lookbook model alumni and buddy Caitlyn Murphy to wear a mask for us too.
We covered up her beautiful face with a snake mask. Sssssssssss!

This leopard might look concerned, but the only real concern she faces is what clutch to wear the party. Meow.

 Red zip ties & red tongues!

And a closer look at all the bags! Some of the bags have fun coloured zippers too (as seen in the product descriptions in our shop). We are both SO happy with this collection - we hope you like it too!

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  1. These poses are killing me! Hilarious and SO good.

    Kate from Clear the Way