Monday, November 19, 2012


Good Night, Day is a line of gorgeous knitwear handmade by Tara-Lynn Morrison in Hamilton, Ontario. Not only does Tara-Lynn make beautiful, badass knitwear (just look at that collar!), her product/photo styling is also always top notch.

And hey, if you knit, and you want to learn how to knit some of Tara-Lynn's pieces, she has a book for sale titled Good Night, Day : Modern & Minimalist Knitting Patterns. So great & useful, right? You knitters blow my mind.

I have this headband in black and I love it. A highly recommended addition to your future winter arsenal! Winter is unfortuantely coming - perhaps you need to adopt a new piece of cozy armour?

I plan on learning many fun facts about Tara-Lynn at the party. Maybe you will too!

More Good Night, Day: blog & twitter.

Studio sale is on November 29th at our studio. More info here & here.

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